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We are here to listen from you deliver exellence by any means

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We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

Our well-equipped and completely modern training kitchens ensure that you are trained using industry standard equipment that you will use in any reputed restaurant kitchen. Each student carries a student kit with all tools to assist you in your daily practical sessions.

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P.I.H.S. Chef
WELCOME : P.I.H.S. ( PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY STUDIES ) is a unique vision. It is a professional institution that will not just concentrate on academics but also on individual growth & continuous learning in the field of food production & nutrition. It gives an excellent opportunity for aspiring students to learn from the best faculties & professionals from the industry. Our teaching approach is purely based on Science & facts. Being a relatively newly established Institute we are aiming to give the best practical & theory training to our student to match up to the industry requirement so that they are well versed & ready for the Industry & and to tackle various professional challenges in this ever-growing Hospitality & Nutrition Industry. Myself being a certified sports nutritionist and chef have acquired in-depth knowledge & experience about the subjects which I would like to share with my students. I wish all our P.I.H.S. STUDENTS achieve great Professional heights & achievement in the Industry.